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Ready to overcome imposter syndrome and stop doubting your abilities? You can get the raise, lead that team, and apply for that management position! Setting priorities and taking action will move you from the place you're in to the place you'd rather be. I have a solution for you!

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Have You Felt Like This?

  • Stuck with a longing that you need to do something, but can't figure out where to start
  • So many goals, but struggling to be consistent in completing them
  • I help everyone but myself, and now I am burnt out and unmotivated 
  • Self doubting, overwhelmed, and unorganized

I can relate, but for me everything has changed.

I Didn't See That Coming

Growing up in a single-parent household taught me to be very independent and not to have excuses. My father passed away when I was 19 months old and I never once saw my mother slack in any area.

I took being independent and a “superwoman” in my own eyes a bit too far. I would constantly be on the go, doing all I could for everyone but me.

This caused me to procrastinate, become burnt out, and to not be the best version of myself. I did not understand the importance of self-care, setting boundaries, and asking for help.

A Smile Doesn't Mean I'm Happy

This was a happy moment. I had accomplished my goal of completing my Master's Degree and I was proud of that.

By many people's standard, I was successful. I was educated with a satisfactory job and living a pretty good life, but I still felt like something was missing. 

Honestly, I thought of myself as nothing more than average; only doing what was expected of me. 

It took me going through a health scare to truly realize that I needed to make some shifts in my life.

I began to get myself into alignment by using the power of the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’, investing in myself by getting counseling, starting my business, and working to be healthier in all areas of my life in general.

I was able to loose 37 pounds in three months. This allowed me to get off of all the medication I was prescribed.

I always knew I had more in me, but I would not act on it. I decided that needed to change. I wanted to be an example and assist others. 

I Stopped Settling And Shifted

The years 2019 and 2020 were life changing for me. I had begun to value my mental health and implemented self care. I had healthier boundaries in all areas of life and was not afraid to say what I wanted and needed from others.

I began to take myself and my business more serious. Applying to be part of a pitch competition, and taking second place, was a highlight for me. I was ready to take my business and my life to another level. A week later, it was announced that the pandemic had came to the United States. I knew I had to shift.

I was working at a job where I was not truly valued, and doing more than my fair share. Imagine the shock I felt to discover someone I trained was doing less work and getting paid more than I was. That was it!

I decided to finally apply for a management position with a new company. Putting up the duces to entry level work and places where I was not valued was the biggest shift that happened. I got the job. This shift allowed me a place at the table, opportunities to make real community impact, and earn a higher income. 

This was possible because I learned how to set goals, stick to them, and achieve. I do not regret what I have gone through as it has taught me many lessons that I am now able to share with the women I mentor and coach. 

Let me help you make the shift!

I Am Ready to Shift!

What is C Her Rise Academy?

C Her Rise Academy is a 90 day virtual coaching experience designed to aid women in rising to their next level of fulfillment in leadership and career to become high achieving.

Over a 90 day period, you will be guided through 5 modules which include a combination of live sessions, recorded content, and digital workbook assignments


Module 1 - Building Confidence

It can be a challenge to get to the root of who you are. In this module, you will take a closer look at the past and the limiting beliefs that have been stopping you so you can achieve the life you desire.

Module 2 - Creating S.M.A.R.T Goals

Everyone has goals, but there are reasons they are often not achieved. This module will show you how to identify your 'why' and loop goals together so you can be a finisher.

Module 3 - Making A Solid Plan

Being clear on your goals is only the first step towards achieving. In this module, you will identify your obstacles and your resources to ensure you have a plan to succeed.

Module 4 - Building Community

You are not alone, and it is time to identify your tribe. That is exactly what you will do in this module by learning how to ask for accountability, and receive it, so you can get rid of excuses as to why you cannot be a high achiever.

Module 5 - Goal Board

READY SET RISE! This is where the fun really begins. In this module, you will see how implementing your new skills has helped to set you up to be a high achiever. It's time to  celebrate!

Digital Workbooks

These workbooks will serve as a guide to assist you through the modules; allowing you to reflect, keep notes and feel supported during this process. 

Private Facebook Community

Every high achieving woman needs connections. These relationships will be vital to your success and accountability. This group will allow you to make new connections and give you access to information that you did not realize you needed.

Live Group Coaching

Live coaching will allow you to connect with our team and get real time answers and support. Join a community of women who are making strides in their confidence, accomplishing goals, having life changing experiences, and who are building relationships that positively impact their lives, families and communities.

Program Benefits

Feel more confident in your personal abilities

Have a new value for self-care 

Be able to create S.M.A.R.T goals with a solid plan of completion 

Build new relationships 

Understand and receive accountability  

Be a high achieving woman

But Wait... There's More!

I am throwing in two more bonuses that are vital for you as you become a high achieving woman

Bonuses (Value Over $1000)

  • Free Public Speaking Master Class

    • Have you ever been asked to speak in front of a group and did not think you could do it well? Learn skills to make you feel confident and improve your public speaking
  •  Free Time Management Master Class

    • Every person has the same 24 hours in a day right? So what makes some people more successful over others? Let me show you how to be more intentional with how you spend your time

*This experience will change your life!

Coach Cherise giving the keynote at the Harvest Learning Center graduation.

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  • Private C Her Rise Academy Facebook Community
  • Live Teaching/Coaching 
  • Digital Workbooks 

Bonuses (Value Over $1000)

  • Free Public Speaking Master Class
  • Free Time Management Master Class 
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  • 365 Day Access To The Modules
  • Private C Her Rise Academy Facebook Community
  • Live Teaching/Coaching 
  • Digital Workbooks 

Bonuses (Value Over $1000)

  • Free Time Management Master Class
  • Free Public Speaking Master Class
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Don't Take My Word For It... Take Theirs 

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Meet Coach Cherise   

Cherise Buchanan is a certified life coach and leader committed to creating positive change within the lives of individuals. She is a creative person who does her best to insert fun and movement into every atmosphere. Cherise is the founder of Rise & Shine 6012 LLC, the umbrella to her endeavors of Life Coaching, the C Her Rise Academy, and public speaking. 

A Michigan native, Cherise earned a Master's Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Nonprofit Leadership and a Bachelor's Degree in Communication. Continual growth is vital to Cherise, and she has completed many leadership development programs.

Cherise believes that while you may not be able to change the whole world, you can impact one life at a time. Her mantra is Let's Rise Together!


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Have a question? FAQ

What is the refund policy? You have up to 15 days from the start of the program to get a full refund.

Are there live sessions? Yes, there will be live group lessons and coaching sessions throughout the program.

What if I miss a live session? Recordings will be made available to you. 

What if I cannot finish in the 90 days? You will have access to all recorded content for 360 days.